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9/3/22 Results


King of the 28ís

1st                           Lance Flathers, Huxley, IA

2nd                          Blaine Hill, Gretna, NE



1st                           Brian Bird, Oak Grove, MO

2nd                          Chuck Berve, Blue Springs, MO

Semi                      Eddie Rawlings, Parkville, MO

Semi                      Steve Irvin, Sugar Creek, MO

Qtr                         Travis Morris, Lawson, MO

Qtr                         Josh Henderson, St. Joseph, MO


6.0 Index

1st                           Eddie Rawlings, Parkville, MO

2nd                          Brett Coureier, Fremont, NE


6.5 Index

1st                           Carson Knowles, Marshall, MO

2nd                          Jack Fletchall, Holden, MO

Semi                      Brian Bird, Oak Grove, MO

Semi                      Dean Penn, St. Joseph, MO


7.0 Index

1st                           Nick Bestgen, Osborn, MO

2nd                          Jacob Cole, Rosendale, MO



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